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The Affect of Angles

After taking Lit to Film, I learned a lot about camera angles and continuity in each scene. I have started to notice a lot more than just the story line when it comes to movies. I think that this is a good thing to be aware of but it can also cause me to lose interest in the movie or show when it has poor film aspects.

I look at the way the camera moves around people and the different angles that are used to create different emotions and perspective for the viewer. I also have started to pay attention to how sometimes people look different when the view comes back around to them and something as simple as their hair changed. It is things like this that really shows the quality of the show.

I think that learning more about the different aspects of film will be fun to look more into and analyze the visual aspects of movies and shows.

Does anyone else already look at movies through the film aspect? If not I have a feeling that some of you will start to do that.

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