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The Distraction of our Media Habits

For comp I am reading a book called, “The Power of Habit” and it really got me thinking about how us as students have our good habits and our bad habits. Most of us have the habit to get to class on time, while others have the habits to be late to a lot of their classes. We have a habit to come to school and follow the bells to signify when we can move to the next class, and we even have created the habit of sitting in the same spots everyday even without the seating chart in classes, and the same thing goes in the lunchroom.

We have habits of getting our work done, and we know that it’s expected of us. We are assigned the homework, we go about working on it and finishing it, and then we turn it in for a grade. What about the bad habits that cause us to take longer to get things done? Like having your phone with you when you are doing your work and pausing every time you get a notification, or if you have an extra tab on your computer that distracts you from what you should be learning in class. Our distractions become our habits, and it eventually starts to disrupt learning for not only you but the people around you. Even if you aren’t distracting yourself, someone around you could be on something that they aren’t suppose to, and you could find yourself looking at it as well and fail to pay attention to what a teacher has to say.

Media is one of the major distractions that students face, and I feel like it only gets worse. If you were to just look around in your classes, how many people seem like they are distracted by their phones or computers when they are suppose to do other things? I know it happens to me sometimes, does it happen to you? Do you think that this is an issue as well?

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