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The Internet is a Surveillance State

We read an article in my English class towards the beginning of the year. It was about how everything we put on the internet or search can be traced back to us and how fast and often our data is sold. We covered this in class in Media Literacy too. I was shocked to find out some of the things I did. The article stated that our privacy is constantly being taken away from us and we have done nothing to stop it, and therefore no longer have any hope of changing it. Our searches are documented, our cellphones location and texts can be tracked, and almost anything else you do on the internet is sold to big companies. Companies use our data so they can sell products that will gain a lot of profit or they specifically target you. Have you ever had an ad pop up on your Facebook that was obviously customized just for you? I get these all the time. How do you think they know what teams you like or what your zodiac sign is? It's from your stored data. This freaks me out a lot and I feel like it's a huge invasion of privacy. 

The link to the article is below if anyone wants to read it. It's pretty interesting.

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  • Well that is what keeps the internet alive. All the people spending money on it.
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