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As I scroll through my newsfeed on Facebook, I often see the same picture or status being posted. It usually says something like "I''m ugly. Like this if you disagree." No offense if anyone posts these, but they always make me laugh. I feel like the only reason people post it is because they KNOW people will like it whether they really disagree or are just doing it out of pity. Most of the people post these things to make themselves feel better and get attention. Most of the comments are of people saying how the person is sooooo not ugly and giving them repeated compliments. I personally do not understand how a Facebook life can make someone automatically realize they are cute. It's putting themselves out there for society to judge them. 

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  • I almost never go on Facebook, and from just reading this, it sounds like this happens a lot more often than it should. To be honest I would feel pity for people that hate themselves for a moment of time, but if it happens repetitively then I would stop because it becomes obvious they are hungry for attention.
  • I believe this is an example of the concept Dante termed "thirsty." We are thirsty for attention.
  • I have like 5 people on facebook who do nothing else but sharing those annoying pictures. I just unfollowed them so my feed doesn't get spammed by those things. The worse thing is that those people don't just do it once, they have to share those things at least 5 times a day
  • I feel like people do this just to get attention honestly, no offense if anyone does it, but it is super annoying. I deleted the people that used to do that all of the time. Also, your last two sentences are ON POINT.
    • Um Jaycie we used to do this if you forgot
  • These kind of people can be annoying. I've noticed that after awhile of that person posting this kind of stuff, their friends start to ignore it and then they complain that no one cares about them and so on. If it gets to that point then I delete them.
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