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We Need a Little More Positivity in Our Lives

Rotasiz Seyyah, a Turkish travel photographer, created a project where he meets and takes pictures of women after he tells them "You are so beautiful." Some of the pictures just melt my heart. All of the pictures are so inspiring to me because of their beautiful, authentic responses. All of the pictures shown, the women were smiling and it makes me so happy. We need more people like Seyyah in our world. Our world has been surrounded by SO much negativity lately, which makes me upset. So many crimes are occurring and so many lives are being taken. It's sad because we always see it in the media. The news presents the negatives rather than positives due to the negative bias. It's hard to avoid negativity when there is so much of it. So this is why I decided to share this with you guys. I recommend taking a look at some of the pictures. If you're feeling down, it will surely cheer you up!


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  • I have seen projects like this done and it is genuinely amazing. It is nice to still see people truly happy. It is sad that people are so used to being degraded that being called beautiful is something rare but like you said that just seems to be how our world is right now.
  • I love this so much! It's crazy how some people can be surprised/shocked when nice words are said to them when really it's just called being a nice human being.
  • I would also like to see more of this in our society too. I think what he is doing is really amazing and it's exactly what we have needed for a very long time. I love this.
  • I love this! It's a great way just to make someone's day.
  • This fits perfectly with our gender and identity messages. You could do that here at CHS and see how people respond.
  • It is amazing the effect pictures can have on human beings they can make you feel better, make you cry uncontrollably, make you yawn, or even make you scared. There is just no endings to what you can do with a single picture.
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