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I chose this song, because I have been listening to it for years, and I already knew a little about what Claudio Sanchez meant by it, but I still did not know exactly what he meant. What I knew is it dealt with some part of his life. I just did not know which part. I thought it was something to do with his parents like his mother. I got that it would be his mother from the lines "a whore in sheep's clothing", and "please make up your mind girl". What the song is about is a man seeking vengeance on a female who cheated on him. Claudio himself has said the is basically about “a man seeking vengeance on this lying whore and in his own subconscious beats this woman and throws her into her own grave.” Subconscious people, remember I said this is based on things that happen in his life, and he would not be writing this song. He would be in jail for life. 

I have never had someone cheat on me before; so I don't know the feeling of it. I have felt things that could most likely can be measured to that point. So I can see where those thoughts can come from. 

The genre of the song I would put in the Alternative metal; witch I do call light metal. Where there is not screaming, but the garter is quite heavy. They do a few songs about this subject. Another one of their songs also talks about relationships, and this time it is his marriage. The song wake up is about him starting to leave to go on tour, and it is about him feeling sad that he did not know when he was going to see her again.

 This song might have a violent message, but does that make you want to punch someone in the face? I don't think it does. Like I said before I have been listening to this song for years now, and every time that I have not once did it make me feel like hurting someone, or something. At least from the song there were times I wanted to punch something, but never from song.

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  • I have never heard this song but the title kinda threw me off because it says Welcom Home and the song was about someone cheating. He might want her back but he scared of the outcome and what will happen if he forgives her and lets her back into his life. When he said " But you weren't honest" I assumed that the girl had cheated. When someone is talking about another gender, they usually are talking about a relationship or something that the other person had done wrong in the situation.
  • The song, I think is mainly about a man being cheated on by his former girlfriend and that he has many emotions mainly, being anger. This song would fit, in at the genre of light metal,because it talks about expelling demons from the body and has references to jesus and how he is powerful, instead of taking in demons and so on like in dark metal.One lyric, that I thought was interesting, was "So with sin I condemn you Demon play, Demon out!" I see this as the guy taking the feelings that he had for her, and pushing them out like in an exorcism, where you pull the demon out of a body. The sin part is also interesting,because I thought of it as the cheating woman had fallen into one of the seven deadly sins, which she had Lust, because she had gone to another person while she was seeing him.
    I think, that this song was actually good,because it shows that the male stereotype to relationships is still present in our culture today,and that most people that have a break up are either sad, but don't show it or mad and they wish for the demise of their former person that they loved.
  • What I had thought the song was about was someone who hated the person who cheated on them. "Now get in the ground" I thought that this was an indication for his hatred towards this person. I was considering that it could be about revenge, but I decided not to go with it as I didn't have enough information that I could understand. In the large group I had no idea that the biblical references were directed at the woman. The only thing I'm confused about is the last stanza, it seems like he is trying to give the woman one last chance, but earlier he had said all those things about how he wanted to get his revenge. While the song was surprising at first, I don't think that I would listen to it often because I prefer not to listen to metal.
  • This song was a good song choice because of the different ideas you can come up with while listening to it. When I was listening to this song and the lyrics I thought that it was about a guy who was cheated on by a girl and he knows, but he still loves her. When it says "with love and devotion, I'll die as you sleep," I thought that was about the girl he loves is sleeping with another man and that he is dying inside when he knows that she is with another man.
  • I like this song because of the genre, it is like a twisted breakup song. He has very dark thoughts, and it is a good thing he just thought about it in his head rather than actually doing it. It seems like he has mixed feelings for her, he wanted her dead but yet he was saying "I'd do anything for you." This song made me want to listen to more songs by him and see if the lyrics are as interesting as these ones are.
  • At first, I thought the song was very rock and metal because there was a long intro with instruments. Then after "Hang on to the glory at my right hand," the instruments declined. Through out the whole song, I heard anger in his voice and felt like the girl made his life horrible by cheating on him. He refers to her a horrible things and wants to use violence against her. Which I found pretty creepy. I feel as though through his lyrics, he will be completely happy once she is completely out of his life.
  • This song was different then what I would normally listen to. I could tell that the reference was about a broken relationship, and the guy had a hatred for her, because of something she did or how it ended. I am not entirely sure on what everything meant because it is a little confusing to me throughout, but I would say that this song had quite the interpretation. This had very violent aspects to it, and it showed part of which he was finally letting go of the girl, but was offering one last chance, but if she didn't he would only wish bad things on her. This song wasn't my favorite lyric wise, but it had some good interpretations as far as the deeper meanings.
  • I thought this song was very interesting and very dark. The music gave it a scary and violent tone that I have never really listened to. I haven't ever really listened to light metal, or any type of metal as a matter of fact. This song had many different meanings and it was very interesting. Throughout this song I didn't think this was just a breakup. I guessed that this girl cheated on him and that is why he has so much hatred for her. At the end it kind of threw me off because through the whole song he was talking about how she ruined his life, then at the end he was like giving her one last chance to fix it before he hopes she dies. He was clearly very in love with her if he was 1, willing to give her another chance, and 2 hoping she would die. They had to have been very close and this really hurt him. The only way he could deal with the pain was with violence. Very different song choice!
  • This song was a different love/breakup song and the tone of the music was also really different then usual. In the beginning of the song it just had the guitar and the drum going and it was really weird but as the song went on the music in the background changed. It changed towards the end when he was acting like he wanted her back but before he hoped she would die. I feel he wanted to kill her so bad was because he cared so much for her.
  • I thought this song to be very hard and dark. It was very upbeat and it kept moving with something new to come each verse. When I listened to this song, I thought of it as a girl lied to him and now she was dead to him. As the song went on I just kept betting that feeling on it. I then at the end of the song thought of it as like a break up song. I would have never of thought this song to be about a man going to beat a girl and throw her into her own grave because she cheated on him.
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