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I chose this song, because I have been listening to it for years, and I already knew a little about what Claudio Sanchez meant by it, but I still did not know exactly what he meant. What I knew is it dealt with some part of his life. I just did not know which part. I thought it was something to do with his parents like his mother. I got that it would be his mother from the lines "a whore in sheep's clothing", and "please make up your mind girl". What the song is about is a man seeking vengeance on a female who cheated on him. Claudio himself has said the is basically about “a man seeking vengeance on this lying whore and in his own subconscious beats this woman and throws her into her own grave.” Subconscious people, remember I said this is based on things that happen in his life, and he would not be writing this song. He would be in jail for life. 

I have never had someone cheat on me before; so I don't know the feeling of it. I have felt things that could most likely can be measured to that point. So I can see where those thoughts can come from. 

The genre of the song I would put in the Alternative metal; witch I do call light metal. Where there is not screaming, but the garter is quite heavy. They do a few songs about this subject. Another one of their songs also talks about relationships, and this time it is his marriage. The song wake up is about him starting to leave to go on tour, and it is about him feeling sad that he did not know when he was going to see her again.

 This song might have a violent message, but does that make you want to punch someone in the face? I don't think it does. Like I said before I have been listening to this song for years now, and every time that I have not once did it make me feel like hurting someone, or something. At least from the song there were times I wanted to punch something, but never from song.

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  • I have heard this song before and have never really thought about what it is about. I believe it is really about a broken relationship. Like you said the girl cheated on him and he is trying to get vengeance. The song is very powerful in the instrumental aspect. The guitars in the beginning set the tone of the song. The artist really surprised me when he started out with a high pitch voice. But then he got deeper with his voice and that really gets you invested in the song. I also like how the instruments quiet down when it starts talking about love it really put and effect on the song. In all this is a really good song with really good instrumentals.
  • Well can't really say that I really empathize with everything that the singer expresses, but I can relate to some of the themes. I understand the betrayal to a degree, but not in love, in the sense of friends who have betrayed my trust. I do think that the singer should probably chill out a bit, he sings about wishing his ex-significant other was dead and in hell. He spoke of her being akin to a demon that needed to be exorcised or when he said she was a whore in sheep's clothing. I understand being angry, but the dude needs to calm down a bit.
  • I don't normally listen to this genre of music, but I didn't mind it. I pretty much interrupted the song the same as the singer. It's about a guy who's girlfriend cheated on him. And deep down maybe he still loves her and cares about her, even though he knows that this is the type of girl she is. But he is consumed with rage and hate towards this girl now, so his love is buried deep, deep in his heart. I didn't think he meant it literally that he wanted to physically hurt her, but more like when she died she would be punished for her sins and receive the same pain and heartbreak she caused to others. So even though he may still way deep down care, there is no going back on how bad she hurt him, and in the end she will be judged on her sins when she dies.
  • This song being a whopping 6 minutes felt like it took forever, the 2 min of instrumentals gets you into the mood of the song, then the singer gets going. The thoughts of the artist had to be dark and have background knowledge to write so, dark. Obviously most of these types of songs deal with Demons and God a lot which sometimes gets the listeners going. Good song choice.
  • From the beginning of the song, it's very easy to tell this is a song about hate. The guitar in the beginning is loud, it's apparent and it's got that tone to it that is completely hate-filled. The lyrics used in the beginning also tell why this is a song about hate. "You could've been all I wanted, but you weren't honest" is the ringer here that tells what the song is going to be about. The connection to someone in his life cheating on him is very apparent and is kept throughout the song. The connection to many biblical passages are also there. From Claudio saying that the song is about "a man seeking vengeance on this lying whore", it gives deeper meaning to the lyrics and how they hurt him.
  • I think that this song was a lot different than what we would consider popular songs that are out right now. It had a lot of different references to religion even if it wasn't in what most of us would consider a positive way. Although the song does speak a lot about killing and death, the last stanza changes attitude talking about one last kiss and doing anything for her. The singer does not leave off with this though. He makes sure to tie back to the rest of the song ending with,"Before I hope you die."
  • I thought this song was very dark, but that the music helped portray the meaning it wanted to. It seems like the man had a love/hate for this woman that did him wrong. I thought it meant that if she couldn't shape up and choose only him, then he'd rather she just died. He seems to carry a lot of hurt and hate towards this woman and really want to get even. I did not understand most of the song, but the writer probably used more personal experiences and references. Overall, I thought the song carried a lot of emotions and conveyed it very well. I liked it.
  • I think you chose a good song because we haven't really had much of this genre yet so it's cool to see someone with different styles. All I got out of this song, was that there is a lot of hatred towards the girl in this and I feel like that is also really stereotypical. The guy is "always" the one that wants to seek revenge and calls girls names etc. I also noticed that there was a lot of the "love, hate" concept because he changes his feelings so fast in some parts and I feel like that's also a stereotype. Good song choice though, it was something different.
  • I thought this song was really interesting because it both confirms and contradicts the male stereotype. Some males deal with their emotion and hurt by lashing out in anger, along with this showing that he was hurt by a female, which doesn't always happen. I liked the guitar in the beginning and end because it works to set the tone of the song. I liked it.
  • This song was very interesting to me because it's not a "normal" breakup song that I'm used to listening to. This song was really creepy when he started talking about God and the Devil. I also thought it was weird at the end of the song when it said, "one more wish to you, please make up your mind girl... before I hope you die." It sounded like he wanted to get back together with her, but then also wanted her dead. This song was a really good song to annotate.
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