Mason replied to Torie Ziegmann's discussion Just A Dream Song of the Day
"I don't listen to country that much because I usually tend to dislike it. Songs like this are meant to be sad and to bring you down or realize that could happen to you. Which is weird why people would like a song that brings you down and makes you s…"
Dec 21, 2016
Mason replied to Tiffany Jo Staiert's discussion "Cold Water" by Major Lazer (ft. Justin Bieber & MO)
"The song was definitely about a close friendship or a love relationship and the friend is very depressed and not handling things very well. Justin has gotten better with his new co-writer Ed Sheeran who knows how to use Justin's talent. The song was…"
Dec 20, 2016
Mason replied to William Trecker's discussion Devil In I response
"For the song being very short it was hard to get a lot of information. The song was good at giving hidden meanings in parts of the song. The song was good at showing that he has a devil inside and is inviting her or whomever to step inside and see h…"
Dec 14, 2016
Mason replied to Mariah Gorham's discussion Merry Go Round
"This song had many words that had different meaning to them, like the Mary had a little lamb, the word play made this song more enjoyable. The only thing I could connect this song with was the remakes or remixes that other artists have done. I'm not…"
Dec 9, 2016
Mason replied to Dominic Scheuermann's discussion Welcome Home Coheed and Cambria
"This song being a whopping 6 minutes felt like it took forever, the 2 min of instrumentals gets you into the mood of the song, then the singer gets going. The thoughts of the artist had to be dark and have background knowledge to write so, dark. Obv…"
Dec 7, 2016
Mason replied to Karsyn Faye Kinney's discussion "Battle Scars"
"He showed that you have to know what will happen if you are in a bad relationship and the effects it can have on you if you are truly in love with this person but he or she isn't back. It can hurt a lot. The song tells you that you are on your own m…"
Dec 2, 2016
Mason replied to Shyla Boettcher's discussion A little more
"The world is definitely changing and I agree that some bills are getting out of hand. With the Black lives matter movement going on the world could use a little more love to stop the riots and such. Nothings happened with the black lives matter move…"
Nov 22, 2016
Mason replied to Cooper Ross's discussion Hell and Back- Kid Ink
"I liked the song, and thought it told a good story about Kid inks life in the streets. He repeats that he's been through hell and back saying that I didn't give up so you shouldn't either. Defiantly a motivational song like most Rap songs are. The s…"
Nov 9, 2016
Mason posted a discussion
This axe ad uses ethos because it shows that axe will get you hot women that Want You. It grabs the younger male attention.
Nov 8, 2016
Mason replied to Dylan Allen Millermon's discussion One Dance Drake
"The song One Dance is a great song that I agree not a lot of people fully understand the song. Theirs always some hidden trick in every song. Those hidden things that people find out themselves make the listeners appreciate the artist for being so c…"
Nov 4, 2016
Mason replied to Dante Brown's discussion Tighten Up
"The song was short but said a lot about the Artist's journey to get to where he is know and what hes been through. It showed how much trouble hes gone through and that this song would be the one that would make him famous so he can slow down and Tig…"
Oct 28, 2016
Mason replied to Megan Deisbeck's discussion Umbrella by Rihanna
"I was blown away by the intent of this song and how many people didn't think that's what it meant. The Good girl Rihanna is going to the devils side. Which explains her life from being a good girl changing into a Jayz raised bad girl. It makes you w…"
Oct 13, 2016
Mason replied to Saraya Beth Thomsen's discussion Hate Me- Blue October
"I agree with many of us already knowing the meaning of this song. Obviously the song has something to do with his mother thanks to the voicemail in the beginning. Without the voicemail many people probably would have never thought it was about his m…"
Oct 11, 2016
Mason replied to Carlie Gladden's discussion I Hate U, I Love U
"I agreed with the relationship and the emotions that come with it. The song was slow but had some lyrics that intensified the emotions of listeners so they could get more out of the song. The song being about a boyfriend and girlfriend being in love…"
Oct 7, 2016
Mason replied to Jaycie Williams's discussion Song of the Day- Colors by Halsey
"I agree that doing drugs doesn't just effect you it can affect the people around you. How people think about you changes when you do drugs. It's a choice and if you make a certain decision people will judge you differently. Like your friends who do…"
Oct 3, 2016
Mason replied to Maddie Stenbo's discussion Song of the Day- We Won't by Jaymes Young
"I, agree with how most breakup songs are one-sided or capturing some other feelings. This song by Jaymes Young like you said catches the whole picture and I think that's what makes this song really good. Favorite song so far in Polkings class."
Sep 28, 2016