Morgan Dettman replied to Carlie Gladden's discussion Kardashian Drama
"I agree with Saraya, I feel like almost everything they post online and all of their drama is scripted, because drama is was brings in followers and viewers. And if there is no longer drama, then their fame goes down. And even though I know that mos…"
Jan 6
Morgan Dettman replied to Krysta Enloe's discussion Snapchat Articles
"I also would much rather read the articles on snapchat rather than watch a video about it. I only click on the ones that really catch my attention though."
Jan 6
Morgan Dettman replied to Tiffany Jo Staiert's discussion "Cold Water" by Major Lazer (ft. Justin Bieber & MO)
"I like this song because it is really catchy and because of the meaning behind it. I had no idea that Ed Sheeran was the co-writer of this song. I think that the meaning behind this song is that his friend is going through a really hard time and he…"
Dec 20, 2016
Morgan Dettman replied to Kobe Joe Hass's discussion Lola by The Kinks
"I have never heard of this song or band before today. At first I thought the song was about him meeting an older and stronger lady, because my paper didn't have a back side to it so I didn't see where he said "i'm glad that i'm a man and so is Lola"…"
Dec 19, 2016
Morgan Dettman replied to Saraya Beth Thomsen's discussion Afraid to be Lonely in the Technological World
"I have noticed that my phone is literally always next to me except for when i'm at work. I wouldn't say i'm addicted to technology but like when i'm in public or hanging out with someone that i'm not comfortable around, it is like my comfort zone. A…"
Dec 9, 2016
Morgan Dettman replied to Jaycie Williams's discussion Snap Stories
"I have to check stories because if I don't it drives me crazy. But i don't actually take my time to look at every single one, I just go through them as fast as I can."
Dec 9, 2016
Morgan Dettman replied to Mariah Gorham's discussion Merry Go Round
"This was my first time hearing this song because I don't really like country, but I actually like this song. The first thing I noticed in the first stanza is that she was talking about stereotypes and how you're born into this world being expected t…"
Dec 9, 2016
Morgan Dettman replied to Samantha Lynn Cruz's discussion Be Present
"My family is really bad with technology. I will be talking to my mom while she is looking at her phone and she won't hear a word that I say, so eventually I just give up and don't try talking to her. I think it's really sad that people would rather…"
Dec 7, 2016
Morgan Dettman replied to Dominic Scheuermann's discussion Welcome Home Coheed and Cambria
"I like this song because of the genre, it is like a twisted breakup song. He has very dark thoughts, and it is a good thing he just thought about it in his head rather than actually doing it. It seems like he has mixed feelings for her, he wanted he…"
Dec 7, 2016
Morgan Dettman replied to Karsyn Faye Kinney's discussion "Battle Scars"
"I remember hearing this song when it like first came out and i loved it. I haven't heard it in a long time. I think that it is basically just about how he fell in love with the wrong girl, and she keeps messing with his emotions and walking all over…"
Dec 2, 2016
Morgan Dettman replied to Carlie Gladden's discussion Black Friday
"I work at JcPenney's and it feels like we were preparing for Black Friday weeks before. I worked on Thanksgiving and Black Friday and it was insane. People get so crazy about discounted clothes, which I thought was kind of funny because we have disc…"
Dec 1, 2016
Morgan Dettman replied to Shyla Boettcher's discussion A little more
"I love this song, I heard it when it first came out and I couldn't stop listening to it. Mainly because the lyrics are so true, but also because I love MGK. I really like how he put the quote "it always rains before the rainbow". That is one of my f…"
Nov 22, 2016
Morgan Dettman replied to Megan Deisbeck's discussion "Man Up"
"That makes me really sad. I can't believe parents do that. This just shows how early gender stereotypes start."
Nov 11, 2016
Morgan Dettman replied to Cooper Ross's discussion Hell and Back- Kid Ink
"I used to listen to this song all the time, it is very catchy. The lyrics tell a lot too, because a lot of people go through that, make bad decisions that they eventually end up choosing over everything else in their life. But after a while they fin…"
Nov 9, 2016
Morgan Dettman posted a discussion
I found this advertisement to be very offensive towards women. Because one of the gender stereotypes for girls is that they are supposed to be the ones that cook and clean. And this picture shows that from 1886-2011 the women is still doing the laun…
Nov 7, 2016
Morgan Dettman replied to Samantha Lynn Cruz's discussion My Addiction to Netflix Within My Busy Schedule
"I completely agree with you. It seems like I am always busy, but no matter what I will always make time for Netflix because i'm like addicted to it. And 90210 is amazing, by the way. I've watched every single episode about 4 times."
Nov 4, 2016