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Living 20 minutes away from the school you attend is sometimes hard. Many people don't listen to the radio stations anymore because we have all progressed through technology along with our cars. When I get into my car the first thing I do is plug my…
Jan 6
Torie Ziegmann posted a discussion
I chose Just A Dream because I have been listening to it since it came out and I just love the song itself and any of them by Carrie Underwood.  I always just listen to music never really dig into what they mean. Now that I dug into the song, I foun…
Dec 21, 2016
Torie Ziegmann replied to Tiffany Jo Staiert's discussion "Cold Water" by Major Lazer (ft. Justin Bieber & MO)
"When listening to this song, I thought of it was like depression and everything and how people need help getting through somethings. Then when I talked to my partner and she mentioned something about relationships I saw that side to. I wrote how we…"
Dec 20, 2016
Torie Ziegmann replied to Maddie Stenbo's discussion Using snapchat over texting
"This is so true. Like my friends use to go through my contacts to find new peoples numbers but now they just go to my snapchat to see who is new on there for them to add. I feel like somehow the pyramid of cool comes into play in this."
Dec 19, 2016
Torie Ziegmann replied to Mariah Gorham's discussion Merry Go Round
"I love this song! From listening to it from along time ago, I kind of just know what is going on. I knew that it was about life. I got the gist of the Mary Kay and Mary Jane things and all and how you cope with things differently than others. My ove…"
Dec 9, 2016
Torie Ziegmann replied to Devan Spencer's discussion Headphones and Homework
"I can listen to music if its just an assignment and if its on a source where I have to get up to change the song. The music itself can be anything that's on my playlist but if I haven't heard the song before that is when I have to stop what I'm doin…"
Dec 7, 2016
Torie Ziegmann replied to Karsyn Faye Kinney's discussion "Battle Scars"
"I thought this song was about like maybe an abusive relationship or a relationship that the girl wanted out of but the boy had to strong of feelings for her. When we had the large group discussion, I didn't know what the Tom Hanks meaning was, but n…"
Dec 2, 2016
Torie Ziegmann posted a discussion
I saw this link on Facebook and opened it to see how many of them I knew or even saw. As I looked through this I can't believe that some of these movies are 10 years old as of 2017. I feel like either they just came out a couple of years ago or a re…
Nov 29, 2016
Torie Ziegmann replied to Shyla Boettcher's discussion A little more
"When listening to this song I thought of it at first as like a song about relationships and break ups but then I got going into it and realized that it had some lyrics about like what the world is like today from the oil spills to someone committing…"
Nov 22, 2016
Torie Ziegmann replied to Torie Ziegmann's discussion The Year We Disappeared
"In my book Cylin and her brothers have returned to school from missing almost half the first quarter. They are treated differently. Cylin’s brothers are in at least one fight a day and called a lot of names. Cylin has lost almost all of her friends…"
Nov 18, 2016
Torie Ziegmann posted a discussion
As I look around in many of my classes I see people who somehow are distracted by something. Even if these distractions are on the computer or not they aren't paying close enough attention. I see people who look like they are paying attention but th…
Nov 16, 2016
Torie Ziegmann replied to Cooper Ross's discussion Hell and Back- Kid Ink
"When I listened to this song I interpreted it as a song about like street fighting and everything. And how his life is rough and everything. I took it the way when he said "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger" I thought of it like every fight tha…"
Nov 9, 2016
Torie Ziegmann posted a discussion
I feel that this ad has some logos and a little bit of pathos. I feel logos because its persuading that this shoe is still in style and comfortable. It has a little bit of Pathos because it is appeal to staying fresh. 
Nov 8, 2016
Torie Ziegmann posted a discussion
As I was on Facebook this weekend, I saw how a girl broke her phone and she won't be getting her new one for two more weeks. She however did mention how to get a hold of her if someone so important needed to. Also she did have to mention how she was…
Nov 7, 2016
Torie Ziegmann replied to Dylan Allen Millermon's discussion One Dance Drake
"I've heard this song but not that much. I thought when listening to this song it was mostly gonna be about sex and drinking. I thought that he was at the club dancing with someone. He doesn't care as long as she texts back and what not. Once I hear…"
Nov 4, 2016
Torie Ziegmann posted a discussion
“We have got a shooting injury to the head, neck, face”(42).Not everyone has two parents in their life. Some have only a mom in their life, and some only have a dad in their life. Maybe something traumatic has happened that you haven’t been able to…
Oct 25, 2016